You’ve done the heavy lifting  

Your science is going to change the world by improving our health or our planet’s health.


The right people – those influencers who control funding and partnerships – either don’t know about what you’ve done, or don’t understand the potential of your work.

Our mission

We inspire support for advances in science, technology, and health, that improve our world.

Good science
is no guarantee of success

Did you know that scientists developed an electric hybrid car that could get 30 miles to the gallon – in 1914? Without advocacy and visibility, the technology disappeared for 60 years while the oil and gas industry promoted the 100% combustion engine. The success of any scientific advance, innovation or disruptive technology hinges on how well the case is made for why it matters.

The WHITECOAT Strategies team develops strategies that triangulate between your science, robust funding, and sustained visibility to mobilize the support you need to succeed.

We don’t have clients. We have long term partners.

Read What They Say!

“We have come to rely on Whitecoat’s leadership for long-term, strategic thinking. Whitecoat not only helped to create a vision of our association and industry’s future, but also mapped the critical steps and stakeholders to engage to get us there.”
“WHITECOAT guided us through a messaging process to make sure our launch
would be a success.”
“WHITECOAT’S strategic thinking constantly impresses us. They continue to take our integrated web strategy to new levels of success”
SHELA HALPER, Director Of Strategic Development & Marketing of Healthwell Foundation
“It’s comforting for us to know that WHITECOAT is always available to extend our internal capabilities at a moment’s notice. For years, they’ve added strategic thinking and arms and legs for us.”

STEPHEN C. SHANNON, DO, MPH of American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine

Some of our clients.